Product Listing Rules

This Content was last modified on 20 September 2021 aims to offer our users a fun and simple way to find, sell and buy items from a variety of categories. We prioritize the need to ensure our marketplace remains a safe and secure platform to engage in transactions.

Thus, our team at takes the initiative to moderate the listings on our marketplace. We have also prepared a set of rules of which we encourage all our sellers to abide with to ensure our marketplace remains free from misleading information or disputes.

Please take note that sellers who do not abide to or violate our listing rules shall find themselves facing strict actions which may include immediate and permanent suspension from

  • Product Information Upload

Sellers are required to upload the product information themselves or those that have appointed to do so by them. Sellers are liable for any misleading or mispresented information of the products on their listing. They are solely responsible for any legal or non-legal disputes resulting from their failure to abide to this rule.

Sellers are required to upload the correct weight and measurement for each product on their listing. This is to ensure that the delivery cost for the said product can be correctly calculated by our logistics partners. Failure to do so may result in a delayed or cancelled delivery, and incorrect amount paid by the buyers.

  • Account

Each seller is discouraged from opening more than one account on Selling under different accounts would only confuse the buyers, create mistrust and make it harder for you to focus on creating a seller persona that is reliable and consistent. With time and effort, you would be able to gain more positive reviews from buyers through your consistent interaction and engagement.

  • Categories offers a list of categories and sub-categories for all items to be listed on our platform. Sellers are required to list their items or products under the categories that best describes them. If they fall under more than one category, seller must choose the one that is most relevant. Listing the items or products under the right category would make it easier for buyers to search, find and buy them.

  • Description

Sellers are encouraged to upload a comprehensive and precise description of each product on their listings. The more information the better as the buyers would be able to make an informed buying decision.

Some key information that should be in the description includes specific details on the condition of the products, whether there are any defects, manufacturing and expiry date, country of origin, how to use, actual ingredients used and others. This not only help you increase your credibility and trustworthiness, but also save you from answering too many questions later on from potential buyers.

  • Pricing

Sellers are encouraged to set the pricing of each product on carefully. The price should be the one you are willing to receive for the product. Whenever possible, please ensure that the price is the same or similar to other places they are sold. Sellers are discouraged from displaying prices that are obviously unreasonable; e.g. too high or too low. This may result in distrust with the buyers.

  • Photos

Each product you upload on the listings should be accompanied with actual or relevant photos of the said product. You are encouraged to take your own photos of the product or use the ones provided by the original suppliers or manufacturers.

You are required to upload the photos yourself and to only upload those that meet the minimum resolution or sizes. Images of low quality or resolution will still be accepted but this may adversely affect the buying experience of potential buyers. They may decide not to buy or delay their order because of their inability to clearly see the visual representation of the product.

Please ensure you have received permission for any photos you upload on that come from other sources. is not liable for any legal disputes resulting from your failure to do so.

  • Keywords

For easier search and browsing, we offer our sellers the opportunity to use keywords to describe their products on their listings. Please ensure that you use keywords that are relevant or best describe your products. Please do not use too many keywords or those that are not relevant to your products. This may affect the buyer’s browsing experience and create difficulty in providing the relevant search results.

  • Prohibited Products has a strict requirements on the types of products that are allowed to be sold on our marketplace. This is a family-friendly platform that is used by people of all ages and background. We want it to remain a safe and friendly place to engage in online selling and buying. All sellers are required to adhere to our policy on the following prohibited items NOT ALLOWED to be sold on

  • Adults products or services which contain pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Alcohol or products which contain alcohol that can cause intoxication
  • Drugs which are illegal, recreational or require prescription
  • Tobacco products and paraphernalia
  • Dangerous items such as weapons, explosives or ammunition
  • Supplements or healthcare items that do not have the relevant certification from selected authorities such as the Ministry of Health Malaysia or SIRIM
  • Stolen or illegally obtained products

For more information, please take a look at our Terms and Condition. Please feel free to reach out to us at for verification.

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